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A Brief Review of Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes

Did you know that Blu Cigs have already been listed as one of the most useful gadgets for 2012? Even though there are many other kinds of electronic cigarettes on the market, consumers seem to feel that these are one of the best on the market.

Therefore, if you want to stop using tobacco products, you might want to give Blu Cigs a try.

Blu Cigs Product features

  • Blu e liquid made in the United States using US ingredients — This is very important for some people as there has been issues in the past with foreign e liquids testing positive for contaminants.
  • Choose from different nicotine levels — Ideal for anyone that wants to end their addiction to nicotine. Even if you are not able to stop smoking altogether, you can at least get away from tobacco products, and reduce the amount of nicotine you use on a regular basis. Also great for people whom want to try e cigs, but don’t want any nicotine. Zero nicotine is an option with Blu Cigs!
  • USB rechargeable batteries — If you travel a great deal, you can always recharge batteries using your laptop or other computer. There are also other battery chargers you can choose from to suit your needs. For example, your batteries will charge from inside its pack.

What buyers like about Blu Cigs

  • Easy to maintain batteries — As per Blu Cigs reviews, many buyers chose Blu Cigs because they were looking for easy ways to recharge the batteries. Customers that had tried other brands also noted that Blu Cigs battery life also tended to be a bit longer. This was a distinct advantage for people that smoked a good bit on a daily basis.
  • Choice of flavors — Some Blu Cigs reviews noted that a number of people actually switched to Blu Cigs because they did not like the flavors presented by other manufacturers. For example, if they purchased menthol flavored electronic cigarettes from other companies, the Blu Cigs had a better, more distinct flavor.
  • Consistent nicotine delivery — Even though some were not trying to reduce their addiction to nicotine, being able to obtain a steady dose was very important, since they did not want to go back to smoking tobacco products. Unlike other electronic cigarettes, Blu Cigs is known for being the most reliable in this aspect.
  • New Social Feature — The charging case comes equipped with a social feature which will beep if there is another Blu Cigs vaper in the area. It can easily be turned on or off.

What buyers don’t like about Blu Cigs

  • Initial cost is expensive — A number of people that were shopping for electronic cigarettes originally thought the price for Blu Cigs was too high. When they compared the price to similar products from other companies, they soon realized that Blu Cigs were reasonably priced. In addition, they also found that the price of Blu Cigs is far lower than the cost of conventional cigarettes.
  • Hard to choose between reusable and disposable system — Some people did not know which electronic cigarette type to buy. Some were not happy with disposable versions when reusable ones would have been better for their smoking volume.

Blu Recommendations

In general, this Blu Cigarette review, like most other Blu Cigarette reviews, feels that the product is suitable for anyone that currently smokes tobacco cigarettes.

Aside from delivering reliable amounts of nicotine, they are also favored by most people. Without a question, anyone looking to avoid a wide range of health problems will find that Blu Cigs offer a number of advantages over tobacco products.

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