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Electronic cigarettes, known affectionately as eCigs, have been gaining widespread popularity for their low prices and especially for their health benefits.

Using an eCig, the smoker inhales a water vapor created from a liquid form of tobacco, eliminating the chemicals and additives of traditional cigarettes, as well as entirely eliminating the smoke itself. The eCig smoker enjoys the nicotine fix (and flavors, if they so choose) and the comfort of the long-established habit of the act of smoking.

“What if…”

Added to that, imagine if you were offered coupons to double up your savings–there’s nothing better than that, right?

We’re all creatures of habit, and a little bargain (or a big one!) tends to make us feel even better about our purchase.

Unfortunately, some fraudulent businesses have sprung up recently, who are taking advantage of this trait by offering out-of-this-world coupon values, but then selling you counterfeit products.

What could be the results of such purchases?

Some of the common eCig scams, which result in the purchase of sham products, include these:

  • Some fraudsters create fake news sites, which look slick and “official” and cleverly mimic the look of legitimate news pages. These pages play on consumer’s credibility in “reporting” unbelievable deals on eCigs, which seem safe, given the news-type source.
  • “Limited time” offers falsely claim that the deal will expire in hours or days, spurring a buyer to jump on the deal without taking time to think.
  • “Free trials” are seldom actually free, but sucker smokers into thinking they’ll get the product at no cost. When the scammer asks for credit card information “for future orders,” the buyer all too often provides the information, and ends up with exorbitant charges on the card.

Even in cases where the buyer receives some product, the item itself is invariably a sham.

The product breaks quickly, doesn’t work properly, and in every way represents a bad investment on the part of a buyer.

How We Make the DIFFERENCE
Green Smoke Kit Coupon
Buying counterfeit products is as good as throwing away your hard earned cash, or paying for the buying frustration of having to deal with poor products.

Buying instead from Green Smoke combines all the positives: honest deals with high-quality products.

Unlike the sham scammers, Green Smoke can offer:

  • Over 5 years of reputation
  • Association with only the most trusted eCig manufacturers
  • We can offer you the best coupons for REAL, AUTHENTIC, eCigs

Green smoke products range from disposables to various full kits, and tobacco blends in different flavors. With additional accessories and chargers available as well, your full eCig smoking experience can be satisfied shopping right here.

And to sweeten the pot, feel free to choose any eCig coupon from below and enjoy an honest bargain on an authentic product.

Sounds good?

Just copy the code of any coupon you like, and it’s yours. Smart choice and simple procedure!

Green Smoke Coupon Code

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