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The SafeCig site is no longer active. Have they gone out of business? We don’t know… but we do know you’re not going to have to pay for it!

For a limited time, SafeCig users will receive a FREE DELUXE STARTER KIT FROM SOUTH BEACH SMOKE!

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Safecig Deluxe Kit Coupon
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The Original, And Still The People’s Champion e cigs

Those of you who remember the glorious days of the early 21st century, when electronic cigarette smoking pleasure became the darling of the modern international market place, will know the name Safecig. For those of you who are new to the world of electronic cigarettes, please read this article carefully!

Safecig has been called the company that first introduced electronic cigarettes to the world at large. For this, we owe the company a great debt of gratitude, even if they had never done anything else for mankind.

But, as true innovators and champions tend to do, Safecig has stuck around and weathered the changes and upheavals of the past decade, only to emerge stronger than ever! Indeed, Safe Cig is currently recognized as the leader in the electronic cigarette industry, and shows no signs of surrendering its dominant position.

Customers of Safecig know that the company prides itself not only on its fearless innovation in the industry, not only on the manufacture of top quality electronic cigarettes and accessories, but also on the loyalty of its millions of customers in every corner of the globe.

Thanks to Safecig’s long standing combination of product innovation, top notch quality, and customer satisfaction, the company has managed to ride the very crest of the now breaking wave of electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction. Now that the secret is out, millions of e-cig enthusiasts are discovering what thousands have known all along: Safe Cig is the first and last word in e-cig quality, safety, and pleasure!

Of course, another reason for Safecig’s astonishing instant success, and continued dominance of the electronic cigarette industry, is the continuing care and attention that it pays to its legion of loyal followers. Customer satisfaction is always the watch word with Safecig. The company has literally bent over backwards on more than one occasion to ensure that its customers get the best products, as well as the best deals. If you click on the Safecig coupon above, you will witness more than your share of excellent promotional codes and online discount coupon deals on an always wide ranging, ever changing, range of official Safe Cig products and attendant accessories. Everywhere you look, there’s always a new discount to be found on newly introduced products, as well as the company’s wide range of classic mainstays.

Classic, All Natural, Perfection

One of Safecig’s main selling points has always been the fact that its products contain no artificial ingredients, including most especially chemical additives, enhancers, fillers, and preservatives, of any kind. Electronic cigarettes in general, and products in particular, contain none of the harmful garbage that has driven millions of traditional, tobacco filled, cigarette smokers to abandon their long standing customer relationship with the giants of Big Tobacco. Indeed, the tide is turning against the evil agents of cancer and death. A new dawn of electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction is breaking, and the end of tobacco’s long reign is drawing ever nearer in sight.

When your only included ingredients are water, glycol fluid, and nicotine, you know you’re on to something special when hundreds of thousands of people not only buy your product, but swear by it. And Safecig definitely delivers the goods when it comes to long lasting electronic cigarette flavor satisfaction.

Indeed, many people have been able to make the switch to exclusively enjoying electronic cigarettes, simply because Safecig’s flavor combinations are the finest in the industry. If you think you’ve never tasted a finer electronic cigarette than a Safecig flavor pack provides, guess what? You’re absolutely right, and there’s millions of fans out there who will back you!
Safecig Disposables

If you’re a person who prides themselves on cleanliness and prizes quick, disposable, convenience above all else, Safecig’s environmentally friendly disposable e-cigs are going to be right up your alley. Recyclable, disposable, odorless, and smokeless (super heated water vapor beats “second hand smoke” in our book, any day!), Safecig products are the ultimate in convenience.

And if you’d prefer to have a reusable model, Safecig has you covered as well! Safe Cig’s Original and Micro kits deliver the finest top quality rechargeable electronic cigarette smoking kits to you, along with a personal guarantee of quality, and a price which will make you shake your head in wonder!

Diversity + Customer Satisfaction = Safecig

So, if you’re looking for more than just a “Johnny come lately” on the electronic cigarette smoking scene, log on to the official Safecig company website, and see for yourself what the company has to offer you. So many companies think they can slap together a quick product and spend a few dollars on social media advertising, then expect to rake in the big bucks. Don’t be fooled by glossy Facebook media campaigns and cheesy celebrity endorsements. Do a bit of poking around on the internet, and you’ll soon see who is regarded as the number one giant in the industry.

Safecig began in this industry with one goal: to be the last word in safe electronic cigarette smoking pleasure!

Consumer reviews sites and industry publications have confirmed this title again and again, and millions of sales prove the point: Safecig is the king!

Check around on the official Safecig company website, and choose your level of smoking satisfaction. If you’re new to the entire idea of using an electronic cigarette, no worries! The company site is safe to surf, easy to access, and full of useful information. Look around and choose one of Safecig’s starter kits. You’ll soon get the hang of this newfangled way of enjoying a safe, refreshing vapor smoke! And once you do, you’ll never want to go back to traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes? Who goes back to second best when they’ve experienced the very best that electronic cigarettes have to offer? Once you’ve tried Safe Cig, you’ll never settle for second rate again!

So get online today and see for yourself what you’ve been missing up until now! Once you know the facts, Safecig will take it from there. Good luck, and happy vaping!

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