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Nuvocig Coupon

Nuvocig Coupon
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Use this NuvoCig Coupon for 15% off of your new starter kit! If you’re not interested in a starter kit, not to worry! Head to the bottom of the page for a 10% coupon good for any item in the store! (Coupon cannot be combined with other offers)

If you’re looking for a fantastic introduction to the new and exciting world of electronic cigarette smoking pleasure, you need look no further than NuvoCig!

For several years now, NuvoCig has been recognized as one of the foremost manufacturers of electronic cigarettes. Whether you like your e-cig flavors mellow, mild, or full on strong, you’re going to find something to love about NuvoCig products!

As one of the world’s leading e-cig companies currently operating on the modern international market place, Nuvocig offers top notch quality at a bargain basement price! And now, thanks to the incredible new discount offers the company is making, you’re sure to love NuvoCigs even more!

Time for a Change

NuvoCig Premium Deluxe KitLet’s face it, the 21st century is here, and it’s time for a change. Why get left behind when it’s so easy, so convenient, and -simply put- so cheap, to make the upgrade? If you’re looking for an excellent introductory starter kit, why not select the NuvoCig Longer Lasting USB Kit? This excellent starter kit contains all of the features you’re used to, but at a price which is sure to please your pocket book!

In addition, thanks to the above mentioned discounts that NuvoCig is currently offering, you can now receive a fantastic 15% off all NuvoCig kits, as well as 10% off all additional NuvoCig accessories. This is simply NuvoCig’s special way of thanking all of their long time loyal customers, as well as introducing new fans to the exciting modern world of electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction. If you’re ready to switch, NuvoCig is here!

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So, why not take advantage of these excellent new promotional discount coupon deals while they last?

NuvoCig is always ready to go the extra mile, not only to please long time converts to electronic cigarette smoking pleasure, but also to newcomers who may be interested in trying an electronic cigarette for themselves for the first time.

If you’re going to make the switch, you may as well go all the way and order the best! These fantastic new discount coupon promotions make NuvoCig products available to the entire world, and with a flourish! There’s simply no better time than now to take advantage of NuvoCig’s generosity, and see for yourself what all the fuss is truly about!

Below, you can read a NuvoCig review which was recently sent in by a real life user of NuvoCig products. Feel free to take stock of their opinion, and decide for yourself whether e-cigs are something you want to check out for yourself.

There’s probably no need at this point to remind you of the fact that electronic cigarettes have been clinically tested and proven, time after time, to be far safer and more friendly to the environment than traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes.

You already know that you need to make a change. So, why not make the best possible change, and for the best possible price? Now that you’re ready to join the exciting new world of 21st century electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction, rest assured: NuvoCig has you covered!

NuvoCig Review

What I enjoyed about the Nuvo Cigarette is the charge time is vastly superior to other electronic cigarettes that I have tried in the past. And the USB charger makes it a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone that is around other electronics ie- Computers, laptops, even Gaming consoles.
The sleek metallic color makes it a great buy for both men and women.

Since I have started using the Nuvo Cigarette I have not bought a pack of cigarettes. Where in the past when I tried to quit it only lasted a couple days before I really started craving one. With the Nuvo it has been two weeks and I have not even thought twice about buying a pack.

The diversity of flavors was the strong point with Nuvo. They have a wide variety, ranging from Blueberry to Menthol, and many other classic and non traditional flavors.

The longevity of each cartridge is also a big plus, as well as the charge was beyond any other Electronic cigarette that I have previously used. Even after a two week vacation I returned home and the battery still had life.

Not only do they offer rechargeable Ecigs, they also have disposable “one time use” cigarettes, which makes for a perfect way to gradually cut back on smoking.

After using the Nuvo Cigarette for two weeks I have not bought another pack of cigarettes since.
I can wake up in the morning and not feel like I have lung and nose congestion.

After the first week of only using the Nuvo electronic cigarette I have not had the dreaded smokers cough.

Friends and family don’t complain about smelling like cigarettes.

During the cold weather season instead of having to go out into the frigid weather you have the freedom of being able to smoke inside, so you can stay warm and don’t have to shell out for a super duty weather jacket. I also don’t go through as much chewing gum and cologne because the cigarette smell is none existent. I have also found through using the Nuvo cigarette I seem to be more approachable to the non smoking crowd of people.

The Nuvo cigarette has not only saved me money on buying cigarettes but it has also saved me gas money from cigarette runs. If I am running low I am able to just order new cartridges online and they are delivered to my door in a couple days.

The varying strengths of nicotine also help with weaning yourself off nicotine, because you may gradually cut down until you no longer crave nicotine/cigarettes.

Costumer service far surpassed my expectations. Literally through “rain, sleet, or snow” they delivered in a timely matter. For example- Shortly after Hurricane Sandy I received my package in the mail, with a personal hand written note apologizing for not being delivered sooner.

The durability of the Nuvo cigarette is also one of its finer points. Dropping the Nuvo cigarette from the pocket, down stairs, and in the snow, and it will still hold a charge.

NuvoCig Coupon Code

Click for Coupon!

Click for Coupon!
Use the above coupon for 15% off all NuvoCig starter kits. Use this coupon for 10% off everything else store wide!

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