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Electronic Cigarette Smoking Satisfaction

Electronic cigarettes have long since taken the world by storm, and are swiftly becoming the norm when it comes to the international preference for a quick refreshing smoke. Of course, not all electronic cigarettes are created equal!

Vaporetti StoreVaporetti may be a relative newcomer to the industry, but the company is quickly making up for lost time by becoming the most talked about manufacturer of electronic cigarettes, both with the general e-cig smoking public, and numerous critics and reviewers! Indeed, Vaporetti has already won more than a dozen major industry awards for its unique combination of stylish elegance and practical reliability. For the ultimate in electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction, you simply owe it to yourself to click on over to the official Vaporetti company website, and see for yourself what all the world is raving on about!

Those of you who are seeking the ultimate in electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction, take heart! Vaporeti E-cigs is one of the finest manufacturers of electronic cigarettes currently operating on the modern international market place. Those who seek suave, stylish grace will be thrilled to learn that Vaporeti has heard your prayers, and answered them in spades!

While, in the course of the past decade, electronic cigarettes have taken the industry by storm, it’s also true that many companies have simply cashed in on the trend, with no regard to style. Vaporetti is here to correct that misunderstanding, and to provide its hundreds of thousands of loyal customers with an electronic cigarette smoking experience which is simply second to none? After all, why settle for a dumpy, mundane e-cig when you can have the top quality model?

Let Vaporetti Start You Off In Style

Vaporetti Starter KitThe Vaporetti Vaporetto-T Luxury Starter Kit is available now in four stylish colors: black, white, silver, and pink. Nothing says style win like a fashionable electronic cigarette that all of your friends and fellow e-cig enthusiasts eye with undisguised envy!

Let’s face it, not everyone is quite so discerning when it comes to matters of taste and elegance. Perhaps Vaporetti keeps its Vaporetto-T Starter Kit incredibly low priced at $69.99 as a way of educating those who wouldn’t know style from a hole in their shoe! But even if you aren’t the king or queen of the ball, you can still enjoy refreshing electronic cigarette satisfaction at a miserly low price! So why wouldn’t you try it?

Regardless of the color you choose for your Vaporetto-T unit, you will also receive your personal choice of nicotine level. The level ranges from 0 mg (offering you the relaxing and refreshing sensation of an electronic cigarette smoking experience, minus the nicotine) to 6mg (the equivalent of a traditional, tobacco filled, “ultra mild” cigarette). From there, your choices include 18mg (more or less the equivalent of a regular “full flavor” cigarette) to 24mg (recommended for very heavy smokers who like their cigarettes as “harsh” and full of flavor as possible!). No matter how you order to begin with, you can also sample any of the other Vaporetti flavors in days to come.

However you prefer your electronic cigarette smoking experience to be -smooth and mild, or very strong indeed- you can rest assured that Vaporetti is looking out for you, and has all of the potential flavor bases covered. You simply won’t find a more receptive and responsive manufacturer of electronic cigarettes. Other manufacturers of e-cigs are more than happy to simply offer their customers a range of options consisting of “smooth” and “full flavor”, with no gradations in between.

It’s precisely this kind of limited thinking that soon banishes most competing companies from the modern international market place. Meanwhile, Vaporetti is in the race for the long haul.

A Rainbow Of Flavors To Savor

Vaporetti E Liquid
Of course, when it comes to matters of taste, Vaporetti has all the options quite literally covered. There simply is no manufacturer of electronic cigarettes currently in business on the modern international market place who is more willing to experiment with a veritable rainbow of flavors.

Furthermore, there is no other e-cig company who is more apt to drop new flavors on to the market place, in order to satisfy millions of customers with a range of tastes and sensations they never knew existed! Checking out the list of flavors available on Vaporetti’s official company website is like walking into a strange and exotic delicatessen, one which is overflowing with impossibly rich and exciting ingredients! You truly never know what the gourmet chefs of Vaporetti’s research and development team are going to cook up next, and it’s always a winner!

Whether your preference is for traditional regular, mild to full strength, tobacco or menthol flavors, to exotic sensations such as hazelnut creme, Vaporetti is truly going to surprise and satisfy your unsuspecting taste palette! For those who grew up smoking fine imported cigars, Vaporetti has an excellent cigar tobacco simulation, which has to be experienced to be believed.

And for those who value the electronic cigarette smoking experience for its range of new and hitherto undreamt of flavor combinations, there is a huge variety to sample and savor. Strawberry Gelato and Bellissimo Blueberry offer you exotic, fruity flavor sensations which will transport you straight to the outdoor cafes of Italia. And for those of you who are crazy for coffee, there are many incredible flavors to choose from, such as Capuccino, Espsresso, and many more!

Satisfy Your Craving For Savings

Finally, there is one additional factor that you should not overlook: savings! As you’ve no doubt noticed, there is an excellent savings coupon available on this very page. This is only one of the many excellent promotional codes and discount coupons that Vaporetti offers its legions of new and returning customers. Hardly a week goes by without some more of these amazing discounts popping up on its official company website, so be sure to become a regular visitor there. For those of you who love to sample the world’s foremost electronic cigarettes, Vaporetti offers you the chance to save your money, even as you savor the unbeatable e-cig flavor!

Vaporetti Coupon Code

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Click for Coupon!
Use the above coupon for 20% off all orders over $50. Use this coupon for 10% off all other orders!

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