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Vapor Zeus Starter Kit
Vapor Zeus Starter Kit
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Vapor4Life: State Of The Art E-Cig Satisfaction

If you have been searching for state of the art pure electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction, look no farther. Vapor4Life is here, and the company is poised to become the leading manufacturer of electronic cigarettes on the modern international market place. The reason for this astonishing new development is as clear as day. No other company takes the time and effort to research, design, and manufacturer quality electronic cigarettes and accessories that Vapor4Life invests in each and every one of its products. Simply put, you wanted the best, and now you’ve got it! Vapor4Life is the ultimate provider of electronic cigarette smoking pleasure, and it’s time you knew all about it!

No one knows better than electronic cigarette vaping enthusiasts how important it is to provide a top notch e-cig product that gives you the biggest bang for your buck. This is why, when Vapor4Life announced its new line of Vapor Zeus starter kits, the world of electronic cigarettes was shocked and revolutionized to its very core. The very thought of the world’s foremost manufacturer of electronic cigarettes coming out with an incredible new range of starter kits was enough to throw all of Vapor4Life’s “competitors” into a frenzy of panic. As yet, they have not recovered. It’s easy to see why, and if you don’t know yourself, this article will inform you exactly of what you’ve been missing thus far.

Introducing The Vapor Zeus Dual Mode

Black Vapor ZeusThe brand new Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus Dual Mode starter kit combines maximum efficiency and product reliability with the last word in cost effective pricing. In other words, this revolutionary new model is presented to please, and priced to move! If you’re looking for innovation, quality, and long lasting service, the new Vapor Zeus Dual Mode is going to fit you like a glove. We really can’t say enough about just how pleased we are with this incredible new model. It seems like Vapor4Life was able to tap directly into the hearts and souls of its devoted clientele, in order to divine their utmost wishes and needs. And, sure enough, the new Vapor Zeus Dual Mode seems designed to be the ultimate authority in dual mode starter kit satisfaction.

In fact, you may well be amazed to note that the brand new Vapor Zeus Dual Mode starter kit incorporates technology which the world of electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction has never before laid its eyes upon! Rest assured, Vapor4Life has gone well above and beyond the call of duty in developing new technology which gives a whole new meaning to the words “electronic cigarette”. This is technology used in ways you never previously knew you were dying to sample. And it all comes with a seal of quality which none of the company’s many “competitors” (most of them fly by night hacks who will soon disappear from the market place) can even dream of matching.

The Ingredients Of Success: What Are They?

By now, you may be wondering exactly what makes the new Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus Dual Mode starter kit so special, let alone revolutionary. The answer is clear. For one thing, the Dual Mode is the first multi-functional starter kit developed for the modern international market place. In other words, you can choose between which mode of operation you prefer at the moment. Do you want to spend your vaping session controlling each and every puff? If so, switch the device to Manual. If you prefer to allow the device itself to do all of the preparation and “busy work”, simply flick a button and set the device to Automatic. This is exactly what Vapor4Life delivers to you with the Dual Mode function: true freedom of operation, and guaranteed freedom of choice!

The Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus Dual Mode starter kit contains a unit which is regulated by 5 volts of power. The unit is capable of being altered in order to function as an automatic or as a manual device. In short, the Dual Mode unit offers customers the maximum freedom of choice. When it comes to operational capacity, the Dual Mode can be operated as a standard stand-alone battery, or as a passthrough device. The unit also includes a customized Smileomizer, which gives the Dual Mode battery a very realistic “cigar” appearance. The Dual Mode comes to you fully equipped with a Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Battery (available in your color choice of standard black or cigar-colored), a USB Charging Cable, a Slim Wall USB Adapter, and a 30ml bottle of e-liquid.

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