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Use this Volcano Ecig Coupon for 10% off of anything in the store! Check the bottom of the page for extra Volcano discounts and be sure to check back often for the latest in savings!

‘Tis The Season For Discounts!

Those of you who enjoy fine quality e-cig smoking pleasure are sure to already know all about Volcano E-cigs.

You know that the company offers the finest electronic cigarettes, with starter kits, and accessories that simply can’t be beat! You’re aware that Volcano products have consistently been rated among the finest e-cig smoking accessories that are currently available on the modern international market place. And you’re well aware of the long lasting pleasure that awaits you every time you fire up your Volcano ecig for a quick refreshing vape!

So, it’s no surprise to learn that not only does Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes offer high quality products for a more than fair price, but they’re also generally a first on the list when it comes to consumer-friendly promo codes and discounts. Such is definitely the case this holiday season, and we thought you’d like to hear all about it for yourself!

Try The Volcano Express Kit… But Don’t Pay Full Price

For a limited time, Volcano is offering 10% discounts across the board on all of their fine e-cig smoking kits and accessories. The company is also offering a 25% discount on their excellent new Express Kit.
Volcano Express Kit

The Express Kit is a perfect holiday gift for your family and friends who may be struggling with quitting normal tobacco filled cigarettes, and are looking for a safer, less expensive, and less messy alternative. If your friends aren’t quite convinced that e-cigs are the best alternative, then there’s no better time than today to prove to them how wrong they are!

The Volcano Express Kit is a perfect way to get started with the new sensation of e-cig smoking pleasure. It comes equipped with everything you need to get started right away. Everything is contained in the kit, and there’s a full user’s manual with easy text and illustrations to get even the most inexperienced user off to a roaring start!

The Express Kit comes with a rechargeable Volcano e-cig battery, as well as two premium Volcano cartomizers. You can choose the flavor you prefer (regular tobacco or menthol), as well as what strength you prefer (regular or mild). Right away, you’ll realize that you aren’t sacrificing quality or flavor to any degree! All you’re really doing is letting go of the smell, smoke, and cancerous preservatives and additives that regular cigarettes are notorious for!

Along with your battery, cartomizer, and flavor kit, you’ll also receive a top quality USB battery charger which will keep your Volcano Express Kit “lit up” and ready to go whenever you require a quick refreshing Volcano vape! No matter whether you’re at home, in your car, or on a long bus or plane trip, you can always plug in your USB battery charger and grab a smoke whenever you feel the need. Portability and convenience are the name of the game when it comes to Volcano e-cig products, and the results speak for themselves: millions of satisfied, loyal customers all across the United States and the world at large!

The best part of all is that the Express Kit contains built-in value well beyond its original parameters. That is to say, the Starter Kit is the perfect option for those who want to get started on e-cig smoking pleasure, but might want to upgrade their kit further down the road as they grow more accustomed and experienced in vaping technique. So, when you’re ready to upgrade and add to your kit, all you have to do is stop by the Volcano company website, and order more accessories as you see fit!

Discounts On Other Fine Volcano Products: The Volcano Kit

Volcano Kit

While Volcano’s introductory Express Kit is the perfect place for those new to the world of electronic cigarette smoking pleasure to begin (all the more so during this holiday season, when every Volcano Express Kit is available at a special 25% discount!), there are other excellent Volcano products available for those who are more experienced, and require more accessories and special features.

For example, the company’s flagship Volcano kit includes a wealth of features which will satisfy even the most finicky and demanding e-cig smoking aficionado. This excellent e-cig smoking kit comes equipped with a gift box (perfect for this holiday season, and very handy for keeping all the accessories together in one safe and convenient location), 2 V-batteries with red LED’s, 1 V-pack, 1 wall charger, 1 mini USB cable, 1 USB charger, and 1 pack of atomized cartomizers (you get to choose the flavor strength, as well as the flavors themselves!).

The Volcano Kit is an excellent transitional stage beyond the Express Starter kit, and is the normal next stage for those who are becoming more familiar with the world of electronic cigarette smoking pleasure. At a list price of $64.99, it’s also an excellent, inexpensive way to get quickly to the next stage, without breaking the bank!

10% Discounts Across The Board: The Inferno Kit and Coupon

Volcano Inferno Kit

Another excellent product available from Volcano is the Inferno Kit. At a list price of $74.99, the Inferno is yet another excellent way to enjoy premium quality e-cig smoking pleasure, at a fraction of the expected price! The Inferno is brand spanking new, fresh from the creative minds at Volcano, and straight to your doorstep at a holiday friendly 10% discount (while the offer lasts, so hurry over to the official Volcano company website!).

The Inferno has been specially designed for those of you who are pack-a-day smokers, or are simply looking for the best, longest lasting, e-cig battery performance.

With the Inferno’s excellent new passthrough battery system, you can charge and vape at the very same time! And you will still have enough solid quality battery life left to enjoy top quality e-cig smoking pleasure for the next 15 hours before you’ll need to recharge! This is because the Inferno kit makes use of a revolutionary new vapor delivery system. All you need to do is fill the outer tube with your e-liquid, then prime the inner cartomizer with a mere 30 drops of liquid. Do this, and you’ll be all set to enjoy 15 guaranteed straight hours of vaping!

Holiday Discounts On Offer Now!

As noted above, all Volcano products are available at an unprecedented special discount of 10% off. The Volcano Express Kit is now available with a special holiday season discount of 25%. So, don’t delay! Click over to the official company website and take advantage of these amazing Volcano E Cig Coupons and holiday offers while they last! Good luck, and happy holidays to one and all!

Volcano Ecigs Coupon Code

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Click for Coupon!
Use the above coupon for 10% off all Volcano E Cig products. Use this coupon for 25% off the Volcano Express Kit!

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