South Beach Smoke Coupon

South Beach Smoke Coupon
South Beach Smoke Coupon
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South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking Choice

You must have heard of South Beach Smoke and all their success.

Why else would you be here?

They’ve climbed their way to the top, and for good reason. South Beach Smoke offers one of the highest quality electronic cigarettes on the market. These days, most new “e cig companies” simply buy a cheap brand from China and brand it with their company name. South Beach Smoke is one of the few, honest e cig companies left.

As you may have guessed, South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes can deliver a specific amount of nicotine, in combination with a scent and taste that mimics a real cigarette. At the same time, you will not be inhaling the kinds of carcinogens commonly found in tobacco; very nice perk if you’re beginning to worry about negative health effects of a smoking habit (keep in mind, South Beach Smoke products are not intended as a quit-smoking device).

South Beach Smoke — Product features

South Beach Smoke kitAs per most South Beach Smoke reviews, here are some of the main features that are found in South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes:

  • Your choice of flavors, including menthol, traditional tobacco, chocolate, vanilla, and other flavored tobaccos– Ideal if you do have a favorite brand or flavor that causes you to continue smoking.
  • Stylish reusable and disposable designs– No matter whether you want to try different flavors, or refill one over and over again to save money, these options can help you achieve your goals.
  • Never needs a lighter– Ideal if you tend to travel a great deal, or simply do not want to carry a lighter. A lot of users have mentioned this feature feed back for South Beach Smoke.

What buyers like about the product:

  • Cartridges are easy to store– Many people have had problems over the years with conventional cigarettes being crushed in brief cases, pocket books, pockets, and backpacks. Since cartridges for the South Beach Smoke are made from hard materials, they tend to be much more durable.
  • Electronic cigarettes can be used in just about any location– A number of people that work or live in locations where smoking is prohibited find that the South Beach Smoke makes it a bit easier for them to get their nicotine fix. Some people, also chose to use progressively lower amounts of nicotine in each cartridge as part of a smoking cessation plan.
  • Reduce risk of cancer– Several consumers purchased the South Beach Smoke because they want to do what they can to avoid lung cancer, as well as other conditions commonly associated with using tobacco products.

What buyers don’t like about the product:

  • Initial cost higher than regular cigarettes– Even though some people were unhappy with the initial cost of electronic cigarettes, they soon found it was cheaper to use them in the long run, usually recouping costs within 1 week.
  • Taste is not exactly the same– Individuals that crave smoke, or certain elements of the tobacco flavor were a bit disappointed with the flavor of South Beach Smoke. That said, these people also adapted faster than they thought they would to electronic cigarettes.


Overall, we feel that South Beach Smoke is ideal for anyone that wants to try e cigs for the first time without spending too much money. It is also useful for those that want, or need to smoke during times when it might not be possible to light up a conventional cigarette. You will also find South Beach Smoke useful if you want to avoid certain kinds of cancers and a number of other health problems.

South Beach Smoke Coupon Code

Click to Automatically Apply Coupon to Cart
Coupon Auto-Applied to Cart

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