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What if you could have a cigarette without the 4000 chemicals and toxins? Would you be receptive to at least trying it? Of the 4000 chemicals normally found in traditional cigarettes, 60 are known to cause cancer!

Nationwide, 53,000 non-smokers die each year from secondhand smoke. Wouldn’t your family and friends appreciate not being exposed to your dangerous habit? Would you try something different for them?

Most smokers have tried and failed numerous times, making the process frustrating and intimidating. By using an electronic cigarette from V2 Cigs though, the crossover from being a tobacco smoker to smoke free can be easier than you think.

What is a V2 Electronic Cigarette?

A V2 Electronic Cigarette is a device that simulates the sensation of smoking in a very convincing way. They include a cylinder that looks a lot like a cigarette, with a tip that even lights up as you take a drag. They deliver a consistent quantity of nicotine the the user. The amount of nicotine in electronic cigarettes can be high, medium, low, or even zero to help you step down gradually. This means you won’t have to go through nicotine withdrawals as you eliminate your dependency on tobacco.

The V2 Electronic Cigarette produces a simulated smoke that is actually water vapor which looks, tastes, feels, and reacts very similar to actual tobacco smoke. This allows many tobacco users to get the same gratification they used to get from traditional cigarettes, because it still fulfills that mental need to put the cigarette to their lips.

So go ahead, take that smoke break to get a moment at work. Feel free to have a cigarette with your friends.

With your V2 electronic cigarette, you’ll be quitting that bad habit, without quitting that great feeling.

Sometimes leaving the action is not the fun part of smoking though. Many restaurants and bars are outlawing tobacco smoking on their premises, forcing smokers to brave the freezing cold outside to get their fix. That’s not the case with V2 cigarettes though. V2s can be used in most places where tobacco smoking has been prohibited, allowing smokers to take care of their cravings without leaving the room and interrupting their activities. Additionally, they are pollution free and safe for the environment.

With V2 cigarettes, no more will your house and clothes smell like smoke. No more will your special someone turn away because you have smoker’s breath. V2s leave no lingering smells behind. This also means you’re not leaving behind all the harmful chemicals that can affect those around you.

Why Choose V2 Cigs?

The V2 electronic cigarette is an advanced device representing years of research and development. It includes an onboard computer, battery and atomizer of the highest quality and has quickly become one of the highest rated brands in the industry.

Although there are currently no regulations set by consumer protection agencies, V2 Electronic Cigarettes go through rigorous testing to make sure they’re safe for users. They have safety features built in to their design. These include automatic battery shut-offs, smart chargers to prevent over-charging, and an extensive aging process to make sure no defective products make it into consumer hands. Their experts are dedicated to providing a safe, high-quality product.

With V2, you’re not only upgrading your health, but also your wallet. Compared with traditional cigarettes, V2 is significantly more affordable. V2 customers save as much as 75% of the price they would normally pay for tobacco cigarettes, allowing them to save a serious amount of money over the course of a year.

V2 Ultimate Kit CouponV2 offers a few different kits to get you started. The Economy Kit is the most affordable and the Standard Kit has all the essentials you’ll need. There is even a Couple’s Kit if you and your loved one plan to support each other by quitting at the same time. Many enjoy the Traveler’s Kit, which includes a car charging adaptor, so you’re never left without your V2.

There are also many different flavors to choose from. You can go with the traditional tobacco or menthol flavors, or try something fun like peppermint, vanilla, cherry, cola, or even coffee! They also come in a variety of strengths, from full flavored all the way down to zero nicotine, perfect for someone who wants to gradually step down their nicotine use.

Are you ready to commit to quitting?

Quitting smoking is not always black and white. Everybody needs to decide they’re ready and to choose a path that will work best for them. The average smoker has tried to quit six to nine times! Don’t worry about how many times you tried to quit in the past. Just focus on your very next (and final) quit.

Consider the reasons you want to quit. Is it to improve your health? Is it for your family? Either way, having a reason to quit is the most important step in doing it. If you have your reason and know you’re ready to quit, but fear the withdrawals of tobacco dependence that always lead you back to smoking, you can rest easy. V2 Electronic Cigarettes are a great way to convince your brain you’re still smoking tobacco, without all the harmful side effects.

If you’re ready to quit, V2 is ready to help! Isn’t your improved health and prolonged life worth it?

V2 Cigs Coupon Code

Click for Coupon!

Click for Coupon!
Use the above coupon for 15% off all V2 Cigs starter kits. Use this coupon for 10% off everything else!
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