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Among the many brands of this new technology marvel, White Cloud E-Cigs stand above the rest in its approach to the market. The company has evolved and developed several cutting-edge improvements that offer a richer experience, which is why the product is so expensive.

Without a doubt this e-cigarette delivers one of the best vapors on the market today.

The Features of White Cloud E-Cigs

  • Three different models
  • Smooth Draw Technology
  • The richest vapor in the industry
  • Patented design
  • Exclusive Designer Vapor “Jackets”

White Cloud electronic cigarettes have numerous patents which have already caused a revolution in the industry, starting with their “smooth draw” technology. Furthermore, they combined the atomizer and cartridge as one unit, eliminating the need for messy refills and helping to provide a stronger, fuller drag (many companies have duplicated this technology as it truly is the best set up).

The late Cirrus I, their flagship starter kit, has recently been discontinued. We are left with 3 main starter kits, the Cirrus II, Cirrus 3, and the Cirrus 3x.

The Cirrus II is a great kit to get you started (although certainly NOT the cheapest starter kit on the market). A charge will provide you with ~280 puffs and a battery only takes an hour and a half to charge. Sounds pretty amazing, I know. But it gets better; this is only their opening starter kit.

White Cloud Cirrus 3The Cirrus 3 is a step up in design and in size; this lightweight electronic cigarette is also shorter in length, but delivers vapor much faster than the other two models and provides approximately 190 draws per charge. The limited number of draws results from the shorter battery length. You’ll find this battery to be much more discreet and it will charge much more quickly too.

The company has recently re-designed the Cirrus 3 to give you the thickest vapor clouds and longest battery life of any other manufacturer. This new kit is appropriately called the Cirrus 3x. Remember when I said it gets better? This is the kit I was talking about. You can expect one battery to last ~600 puffs! That’s 3 times longer than almost every other brand of electronic cigarette. It does come with its setbacks though; at $119.95 (down from $329.95!), it’s probably one of the world’s most expensive electronic cigarette.

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What Users Like About White Cloud E-Cigs

  • A healthier way to enjoy nicotine without harmful chemicals
  • The ability to smoke just about anywhere
  • Designer “jackets” gives a unique and artistic look
  • Attentive customer service

Loyal customers rave about the quality of this premium e-cigarette and the designer jackets unique to the company. Most importantly they are pleased to be free of the harmful chemicals in traditional tobacco cigarettes, without having to give up the pleasure of the experience. In fact, perhaps not surprisingly, most of the people who use White Cloud E Cigarettes say that they are enjoying the experience even more than with other electronic cigarettes they have tried.

The health concerns are outstanding but what is just as important is the freedom from being prohibited from smoking in public places. Electronic cigarettes don’t burn, so there’s no ash, no odor and no smoke to offend anyone.

One might say it’s the customer service that is even more impressive than the product… just what you would expect from the most expensive electronic cigarette on the market today.

What White Cloud Electronic Cigarette Users Don’t Like

  • The price is much higher than other brands

The price of $79.95 (down from $289.95!) for the Cirrus 3 is the only thing that users of the White Cloud E-Cigs don’t like. The company has made this price to reflect that this is the electronic cigarette that takes vapor to another level. Quite literally the Rolls Royce of electronic cigarettes.


The Cirrus line up not only makes smoking more enjoyable, but also gives smokers a beautiful designer cover as well. Most users find that the cost of the product is well worth the investment. If you’re looking for the highest quality, top of the line electronic cigarette, look no further; White Cloud e cigs are sure to please.

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